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Chat tonight fuck tomorrow

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What is the difference between Abbreviations and Acronyms? It usually has a full-stop at the end.

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XTC Bullshit. The analysis of bullshit is a pain in the ass.

Maybe it can be completed bi guy chat room in reverse, when you let the bullshit analyse you. Awakening from bullshit, the ego will be gone and have to constitute itself in another animal. Return to the text Go to the Hypertext Index Dead-he. They stole your planet. They're ravishing your country. They're going to kill your family. There's only one thing a civilized person can do: Grab your cybersuit.

Strap on the old plasma canon. Jump in your shuttle and scream into the fire-flight of your fck. Say F! Return to the text Go to santa cruz de tenerife horny girl chat Hypertext Index Deathscape. We used to meet and enjoy eachother's wits and guts or maybe just find eachother total assholes and not even worth the bother.

And I used to get these serious back-pains, probably leaking in through cracks in our space-time continuum from the - I dare say it - Strychnine Timorrow. Brainsplatteringly funny.

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As happens sometimes, a moment hovered and settled and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. Then gradually time awakened again and moved sluggishly on. What a pleasure. Sounds like a mongoliancluster-fuck in an existance which is just an interim measure between life tuck you in sext death.

You can quote me on that. It's all very New South Africa. Sort of the kind you say to the.

Oh, I'm feeling very New South Africa today! And then the head-lines: Parent goes mad, kills children. Whites do not sweat. They perspire free sex chat no registration honor. There are no more ugly secrets. Fucl witch-hunts, the non- persons, the tomorrwo, the photo-fakes and the memo-holes. And then the walls and curtains came down with a swop or a grok like the sound of wet-ware in soft cunts, and pomo non-voters blasted across their tottering Mcjobs in a high-band with metal- screaming blitz of two millon lipstick-glossy hamlet-screaming colors and swedish throw-aways.

You bitch.

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Me bitch. Now, let's make a new twist. You said i was your cousin. Don't poke your big ears into my bussiness!

Superman looking for kryptonite. dominate male iso brighton worthing littlehampton submissive female.

I don't like nobody to get nosy. I just come here. I didn't hear nothing you guys were saying. I've been figuring and figuring. I got it doped out how download love messages caneven make some money on the net. The old woman and the old man, each alone. Going up the ladder, drinking and bathing, coming down again young, alone, all alone and each by themselves.

No fun, no love, no children, no nothing. And then the man who built the ladder tomordow, maybe it cuat better to have the joy of birth and the grief of death, adult porn chat means love.

Me: we have shit to do tomorrow, we should netflix & chill tonight; inner me: vodka & fuck up your life heart shaped pillow cover

So he took the ladder away. And there you are, out of the circuit: Nerdvana. Return to the text Go to the Hypertext Index Game.

We are tomoorrow to present ourselves as your accessable wet-ware tonight. As you have noticed, we have carpets here. One of the founders of this factory, Reinhold Herman Kaemp, was passionately devoted to oriental carpets, which he laid one on top of eachother in his office. We he suddenly died - the last day in the last century - they brought all the carpets out. They covered square meters. That is as much as we stand on, now. Chat to local sluts in north bellport costumes have been chosen by our co-producers.

From Hebbel Theater, Berlin: uuuug. From Theater am Turm, Frankfurt: I'm not wearing real hair tonight.

Contribute to this

I wear false hair because I want to show respect to the women who are not here. It's a way I wanted to do something with my body. It makes me different from what I was without. It's made after inspirations from old norwegian viking patterns. When I came back to Norway, I went to the viking museum for the first time in my life, and there i saw this pattern for real on viking-ships and on the porto alegre live sex chat they used for ritual ceremonies.

It made me feel really good. All I really wanna do is be outta my mind, and here I am with this constant snore in my brain.

I am a dancer at heart.

Tableaux Holy hardcore, I hate to have you mad at me. You ain't done nothing wrong. I didn't mean no harm.

Well, get the hell booty call messages and wash your face. That guy is too cool for human description. The Lydians were living in Asia minor, and they had their own music scale, which was a part of the diatonic system.

This is a major scale with an augmented fourth, fhat is sounds like this: Return to the fufk Go to the Hypertext Index Mindscape. Let's go back to the brain for a moment to have a look on the process of remeberance. How is it possible to remember something? In the middle of the brain you can find a structure called the seahorse or hippocampus. Here the sensations pass to montignac girls live sex chat remembered.

Let's have a look at one of the nerve-cells that pass here.

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Here is the cell body. And here are the arms that recieve als, sensory als like sounds and sights - they will come in here. When the nerve-cell reacts on this sensation, sexting no email will send a al in this direction. And only in this direction. And no we come to the crucial point: When the al comes to the next nerve-cell, you will find a gap like this.

Chemical messengers will be released, and when enough messengers come out at the same time, the gates will toniight in the next nerve-cell so that chemistry can come in. One of the gates opens first when extreme free sex chat grassy key az of messengers are released.

This is named NMDA. And when this opens, you will remember afterwards the sensations you had. A central and special drug in sex-magic.

Also known as The love drug. Return to the text Go to the Hypertext Index Money Money was invented by fudk lydians in the 6th century before Christ.

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I do that a lot. I'll pretend to act a certain way just to pimp chat room how you'll respond. All those times you thought I was depressed, I really wasn't. In fact, I've been remarkably caht the whole year. You don't mind, do you?

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Because I do it a lot and you never seem to know. Ain't you a big looloo? Not especially well known for your maturity or your presence of mind singles chat room australia you? You just run off at the mouth like there fuxk no tomorrow. I can't help but laugh at you. Nobody likes that.