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Coffee chat questions

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The truth is that informal coffee meetings can sometimes prove the most consequential of your career.

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So focus on forming a personal connection with the person in front of you. Build with them rapport by relating to their situation.

We chaat people that understand us. One way you can convey this is through bringing up topics about things you have in common with them outside of work. Here are some great questions to ask them.

Undershooting your compliments will give the other person a chance to accept your compliment and talk about how awesome they are. Try to come up with a compliment specific to them. Here are two examples:.

To wrap up a conversation gracefully and leave on a high note, try this:. Do a bit of research on the other person.

Write your questions for this person and write them down. This will be useful to help guide and open up the conversation —especially in the beginning when you first sit down.

An important pro tip: Write these questions out on a piece of paper. Keep your spirits up, be polite, and ask what you need to.

What you need to know about a virtual coffee chat

If he or she seems pressed for time, cut your question list down and keep it to the important stuff. Show gratitude at the end, send your thank-you quickly, and promise to keep in touch.

But also know that it really is OK for your meeting to end earlier than you thought.