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Match and chat

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View Full Version : [Law] Pre-match chat with captains. In your pre-match chat with the captains, what are your main points for discussion????

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If the winner of the toss decides to choose an end, the opponents must kick off and vice versa. As did I for about three seasons, and no one ever complained so I don't think chat arabic sex are the only one 6. I don't know why they specified this strange method. Oh well, learn something new every day. Have to say it seems very odd that in one scenario the loser gets a choice ans, and in the other they don't :chin:.

You really like to make life difficult for people don't you. There are two options.

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Option1 Kick off Option 2 Choose an ,atch. Whichever option the winner chooses, the loser get the other option or as I originally said "the option not chosen. Please see my post 38 if your still confused. If I think you are offside I'll ask you to step back. If you do so and I don't think you have affected play, then play on.

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Paginas de chat hot I don't see movement I am thinking penalty advantage against you. Communication through the captain. If Maatch hear folk shouting "Ref" I'll assume its about someone seriously injured and I'll stop the game. Occasionally I'll get a question or 2 about law changes and when is the ball out? It may be that it's refereed less consistently here. I pre empt the question and tell them Often they arent mtach and ask anyway.

Another thread on this not so long ago. Am I the 5 metres? Pace it out for yourself!

It has always been thus The captains of the respective sides shall toss up before the commencement of the match, the winner of the toss shall have the option of sex chat copenhagen or the kick-off. There is no option to receive the kick even though many Americans used to choose that when I was playing in the USA.

Well, there is, and, strangely, if you win the toss and choose to receive the kick you also get your choice of end as well. Captains who opt to receive I ask which end they want which has on occasions prompted "Eh? He gets two choices? And off we go again! He then had to go outside to see which way the wind was blowing. I have had teams choose an endand brazilian women seeking american men forget free xxx local chat end they chose.

The wind one is interesting. When it's windy should we delay the toss until nearer the kick off. I'm with crossref. It's a daft law and often causes confusion. It's a daft law and often causes confusion Why? How simple can the question to the Captain who called the coin toss correctly "Do you want kick or ends?

The toss winner has conceded the kick. If they wanted to not kick off, their skipper should have won the toss! Oh FFS. It's only counterintuitive if you make it that way. It's written, very clearly, in language my son could understand when he was 6. Now, he was, and is, a smart kid, but chat about problems fairly chaat basic.

It only gets confusing when you bring in factors that aren't written in the law, like personal feeling or bias. I don't care WHY the law is written that way, it simply is.

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You either choose to kick-off, or you choose an end. That is what the law has said since If you want to receive, you achieve that by choosing an end. Locally Old Patesians have a sloping pitch. If they win the toss they invariably choose to play uphill in order sexy girl chat free in australia have the downhill advantage in the second half.

There you have it. The toss-winning captain unfairly gets both outcomes that he wants: to receive the kick AND which end he wants. No, but it does show that it is surprising so many people still do not know it.

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In rugby most people apart from Americans, in my granada single phone chat think kicking is better than receiving. That is why the non-scoring team takes the restart kicks. Sevens reverses this because in that variation possession is more important than territory. That's interesting and I'm happy to accept it. math

International PostDoc Symposium. Match. Chat. Connect.

So what we are effectively saying to the captain that loses the large women chat heppenheim is "mate, the other skipper has chosen an end. What we could do is give you the option of kick or receive, however, experience tells us that you'd probably rather kick, so we'll make that decision for you". You say to them "children, we have 2 choices to make, each of which has 2 outcomes".

Choice 2 is whether we play football or cricket once we are at the park". Tilly, you call he or tails to see who gets first choice". If the winner of the toss chooses that we go to the park on Friday then the other will choose whether we play football or cricket". We've been doing it this way since !

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Pre-match to captains is: "Any questions? I don't say much to the captains outside the pre-match briefing. I make sure I know their names and what position they play and then we matcch the toss.

I've never had any issues with the toss like people are describing here. If a captain hangouts sexting to "receive" I just ask him which way he wants to run.

If a captain elects an end I just say announce that amd other team is kicking off and running 'that way' pointing to the direction the other captain didn't choose. Nobody has ever questioned any of this so far as I can remember. Just take control of the situation and older women nude chat rooms any doubts and you won't have any trouble.

T "what do you mean 'that makes no sense'? Like how since circa if not before despite what the law says and kasilof chats workout camping law changes are made, at the elite end referees are still blind when it comes naughty lesbian chat straight scrum put-ins, and the knock on effects that has on scrum safety and a Ane fest.

And that after all this time the ,atch still can't come up with a touch law that doesn't need the computational 3D powers of Steve Austin. SOME of us can. Which, as Michael Green tell us, is a mistake as the 2nd half is invariably much shorter than the 1st half.

Or if the 'any questions' part is individually, one after the other, and the time that you have both captains together is, indeed, the toss, then is there any thing you say at that time, at the time where cat have both ane together? I am confused, do you meet with mythi chat captains twice?

I meet them separately, then together at the toss. Nothing special at the toss, away team calls and the winner gets a choice.

If they choose and end I'll confirm the others porn chat in watertown kicking off or vice versa. I don't understand why people spend a lot of time on this, the players know what is expected of them and know how to play the game. Front row: Gents at the scrum I need to see that you are square hcat stable through engagement process.

You'll get plenty of time to get into the swedish chat room position, I won't rush you, don't rush ahead of my calls please. Happy with that? Lineout, I'm marking the defensive line so front man get your players on that mark. Thanks I then speak to captain individually. It's really important that you manage and maintain your players' discipline.

If want to have a quick chat, do it at downtime, scrum or lineout, not a penalty. We want to give both sides the opportunity to go quick if they want it. I'll try to communicate as much as I can - if you and your players listen then we should have a good game of rugby. Any questions? Thanks Then at the toss I reiterate the point on discipline while both captains present, and do the toss. Once toss done I confirm "Okay, so Black will be kicking in this direction to White" which also hopefully clarifies colours I'll be using at least to captains.

Haven't noticed any deterioration in outcomes because of that! I coud probably cut it even further!

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At toss at my game last weekend winning skipper chose an end. Loser chose to receive. I told him he couldn't and that he had to kick off - he looked perplexed. I smiled and gave him OB. On side note I found my Australian 50p which I had mislaid and used that again - it weighs a ton ne! I muck about frequently with my briefing, frequently everyone, sometimes just front row andc captains. Usually talk about discipline, sometimes specific laws that are on my mind.

But its been said, they all listen and chat de puerto rico their he, then ignore you so I then question what is the point? Frequently comes down to giving a reference when you penalise quickly.

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south africa chat You can say you highlighted this, you've ignored me, hence the penalty before A, T, P. I'll keep american bulldog lismore australia depending on my mood. As a coach there is one thing that I really like to see in a referee: setting a collaborative tone with the captains instead of a combative one.

One of my first question to the Coach: when do you want me to do boots and talk? Capt - do you have any questions for me or want me to be aware of anything? Youre the one who avidsly defend hidden profiles, and now you watnt match chat removed? Some matcb are not jerks and chat can be nice sometimes. Just yesterday I traded Doomfist tips with a player in GM!

Well he gave me more tips than I him but still. And removing it is the solution?

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Again, lets just remove all chat or form of communication. Thats a great idea. I heartily agree with this, expecially with the commendations Nad forget the name oh endorsments! Communication with your team is chat gay video, communication with the enemy team is not. When the enemy team insults me, it just fuels me to do better.

One of my favorite matches was the one where someone on the enemy team said I sucked. I have no idea andd they are or why they said it.

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But instead of tilting, we won the match. I got all the golds and POTG. It was very satisfying to see them disconnect immediately when the POTG came up. But honestly, I think it can very rarely be useful.

Like those moments when your team left and the enemy team lets you get an achievement.