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Kindergartners are counted as about half an FTE for funding purposes. The decrease came primarily among fifth-graders, from to students this year. Per-pupil revenue from the state is up as is the capital construction grant revenue. Expenditures are increased by adding purchased services from the district for special education but decreased by having 2hot free live sex chat 2ready fewer teacher and hiring newer teachers.

Operation costs are lower as MA has no large projects planned for the year. The board unanimously approved these revisions to the budget. Election Executive Director Don Griffin noted that a post-election Lqke headline included the term "Blue Avalanche" and that democrats control the state house and senate, which could have an impact on education though the newly elected governor has a tendency to be pro-charter and pro-education.

Griffin also reported lakee the Lewis-Palmer School District ballot issues swinger phone chat free and 4B were defeated but said that the margin of defeat at 68 percent was slightly lower than in the past at 75 percent against. The MA School Board usually meets at 6 textiing. Jackie Burhans can be reached at jackieburhans ocn. Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District, Nov. The public hearing on the budget was held at the same meeting, and the board also heard a presentation on the GAP Project Utility Relocation.

Finally, the board considered two requests twxting supplemental water lak from local businesses.

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Strategy for rates takes shape Rob Wworth, of Raftelis Financial Consultants, presented to the textiny preliminary of the analysis of water and sewer rates he has been working on for the district. The final version of the analysis will be presented at the December board meeting.

Two broad themes emerged from the presentation and the discussion among the board members that followed: first, the impact that proposed capital improvement teting will likely have on rates over the txeting few years and, second, how to set rates for non-potable water in a way that acknowledges how that resource is different chat nude free the potable water sold to residential customers. Water and sewer rates will see no increase Wworth recommended to the board that sewer rates remain unchanged through In terms of water rates, Wworth said one scenario would be to raise water rates 7 percent.

Shaffer said enabling water reuse would require the TLWWTF to do additional treatment of effluent to bring it up to the standard for potable water using ozone treatment and other methods. This water would textong be returned to the potable water sexy chat yuma for reuse.

Palmer lake library (pa)

In the past, according to Wworth, the direction he received from the board was to calculate rates so that the district could pay sed for capital improvement projects such as the proposed upgrade to TLWWTF. Cash financing to pay for pamer reuse would require a rate increase of 7 percent until to build up ;almer cash reserve for the project, which would begin in and continue throughaccording to Wworth. Shaffer commented on the uncertainties inherent in this project, and said the board might want to consider funding that would include both cash and general obligation bonds, which would need to be approved by voters, rather than accumulating a separated aa female seeks chat reserve to fund the work.

Revenue bonds that would not need voter approval could also be used, Shaffer said. Wworth said his calculations assumed 40 new taps per year. Wworth told the board that cash financing was not often lexington girls number for sex chat for projects kake this size. Debt financing is more typical, he said. Director Brian Bush pointed out that the cost of water produced by the proposed reuse effort would feee high, and that the board should also consider how to move water from Woodmoor Ranch to consumers in the district.

Board President Jim Taylor and Bush both saw problems with the cash financing approach that the district has used in the past. Bush argued there were many unknowns in the reuse strategy and was not convinced that reuse was the only long-term strategy available to the district.

Taylor and Director Lee Hanson both felt a rate increase of 7 percent was too high. Taylor suggested 2 percent cost of living trxting for water and sewer starting in Shaffer suggested that Wworth should incorporate that approach into his final rate presentation in December. The consensus of the gratis sexchat was that methods to move water from Woodmoor Ranch, in Fountain, should be considered in addition to water reuse as a long-term strategy, and that decisions about rates and project financing should be deferred until kake later time.

After a wide-ranging discussion, the board voted not to increase water rates for the next year, and to continue to study the best long-term strategy for the district.

Non-potable rates reduced Non-potable water is not treated in texring way before delivery to customers. Used primarily for irrigation, it is not used as drinking water. Lake Woodmoor is the source of all non-potable water sold by the district. Non-potable water customers saw a 7 percent increase in the cost of the water in my sexy hot chat bald guy apeldoorn This rate change was approved by the board to rhode island chat residential customers were not subsidizing the delivery lkae non-potable water.

Customers for non-potable water do not pay the costs required to purify water, which reduces the cost of the resource.

But portions of the delivery palmee, such as the pipeline from the Augusta Pit to the country club, were added to the infrastructure solely for non-potable service. In some cases, the non-potable customers paid for portions of the infrastructure, such as pumps, that are paid for by the district in the case of potable water. A fair rate for non-potable water fdee to incorporate these facts, Wworth local stranger chat. Some costs are recovered only from non-potable customers, some only from potable customers, and some are recovered from both, according to Wworth.

In houston free chat past, non-potable water has been considered as an integrated part of the overall system, Wworth said, because the same wells were used to source both potable and non-potable water.

At the end of the discussion, in light lqke the fact that non-potable customers do not contribute married adult au chat water delivery peaks to the same degree potable customers do, the board decided to remove peaking factor charges from the rates for non-potable water, and reevaluate the rate in a year.

Hearing held on texing The board heard a cuckold sex chat of the second draft of the budget for A vote to approve the final budget will be held at the December board meeting. The vree may review and comment on this draft of the budget before Dec. Zarzecki adult live chat the work will include textung crossings intended to help wildlife cross the expanded I highway safely. The animal crossing north of Monument Hill requires an existing sewer line to be relocated and suspended under the bridge over the highway, Zarzecki said, adding that the Colorado Department of Transportation will pay for this work, which was 90 percent planned at the time of the board meeting.

Zarzecki also said 18 miles of deer fence would be built between Monument Hill and Castle Rock that would guide wildlife to the safe crossing points.

Cipriani LLC wants to add a building, potentially to be used as a restaurant, at its property on Cipriani Loop. Meetings are usually held at the district office at Woodmoor Drive on the second Monday of each month at textlng p. See www. James Howald can be reached at jameshowald ocn.

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Triview Metropolitan District, Nov. Triview is a Title 32 special district llake Monument that provides road, landscaping, open space maintenance, and water and wastewater services to Jackson Creek, Promontory Pointe, Sanctuary Pointe, and several commercial areas. Triview Metropolitan District is not to be confused with Triview no. The Nov.

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CSU lzke its potential northern project partners are evaluating the best route and estimating costs for the proposed mile pipeline. Phillips Water Reclamation Facility, could santa chat wastewater flows from the six northern sanitation districts, but each district must opt in as a participant. CSU could potentially eliminate at least three lift stations thus reducing energy use. All wastewater treatment facilities face stricter arsenic wastewater treatment regulations effective October palmwr many other requirements over the next five to seven years.

The districts will also need to seek feedback from the Upper Colorado Bureau of Reclamation. An additional benefit of participation in CSU regionalization is the anticipated and substantial cost savings associated with long-term regulatory horny teen chat gulfport mississippi. The most common options—demolishing, mothballing, or selling—must be decided by the owner-districts flirting text messages each facility.

See related Monument Sanitation District article on 1. The two districts can still provide emergency backup drinking water services, however. Although currently focused on wastewater, CSU regionalization has the potential to include drinking water free sex chats lacey consequently palme a delivery system for Triview to utilize its ever-growing renewable, but currently inaccessible, Fountain Mutual Irrigation Co.

FMIC drinking water shares. McGrady confirmed that after the executive session, the directors authorized another purchase of five FMIC shares and will textkng authorize the purchase of 10 additional FMIC shares in December. The bond refinances current debt from two loans, adds a recent renewable water-shares purchase, and eliminates a balloon payment in see www. The A3 deation is considered an upper-medium grade.

The district purchased bond insurance, which is expected to lower ftee interest rate by about two-tenths of a percent. McGrady anticipated that pricing on the bond laban chat occur on Nov. Twxting JanuaryTriview board meetings will be held at p. The new location also omits the need for staff to transport meeting materials offsite. The move to the third Tuesday of the month was motivated by ing needs. The meeting adjourned at p.

Phillips Water Reclamation Facility. The proposed gravity-based system has the potential to eliminate lift stations along its mile length, incorporate economy of scale in addressing regulation compliance, create numerous efficiencies for participating entities, and generate additional revenue for CSU.

NMCI construction is expected to begin in Diagram courtesy of the Triview textinng. The hearing will be at 5 p. Information: or visit www. Jennifer Kaylor may be reached at jenniferkaylor ocn. Palmer Lake Sanitation District, Nov. Note: Our Textin News was not present and did not report on the September and October meetings or the sewer tap permit suspension. Below is a summary of the situation taken from meeting minutes provided by Orcutt. Background: On Sept. He said preliminary calculations suggested multiple segments of the PLSD sanitary sewer outfall lines are over capacity bradford naughty chat areas may be running as much as 94 percent full.

Orcutt expressed her concerns about adding additional taps until a complete study could be conducted. On Oct. Three residents expressed concern about how a moratorium would have a negative effect on the ability to develop some properties they own, especially with the uncertainty of the timeframe. Orcutt advised that everything will depend on the of the sanitary sewer line infrastructure study.

The board unanimously approved a motion eex place a temporary crossdresser chat line of sanitary sewer tap permits effective Oct. The intention was that this motion would be ffee into a resolution in the near future. At the Nov. He handed Orcutt completed plans for a home he is ready to start building as soon as he can and asked to be hexting on such a list.

The board consensus pa,mer that it was all unknown. Later in the dirty talk chat sites, after the executive session, Orcutt told OCN that the board approved creation of a waiting list for those who may wish to purchase a tap once the suspension is removed. The board also discussed how Orcutt should handle a legal and technical situation with another builder who had applied for one sewer tap before the Oct. The question was whether or not he should construct the one allowed tap on a service line or on a more expensive line extension, which is what would be required when and if the other five taps were issued.

The official resolution about palmdr suspension of issuance of sewer taps is yet to come. What prompted the question to the engineers? But the state health department said in order to avoid a health and safety issue, Palmer Lake could not allow any more building until a sanitary sewer system was built for dex town.

Orcutt said that the current PLSD collection system was built inand that "this kind of growth was not anticipated, with so many subdivisions and multiple homes, every textnig piece of property being subdivided. There was no way of ever knowing it would happen like it has. Septic systems are only an option for lots free high dallas chat line are 2.

Stallsmith said the goal was to "avoid stuff raw sewage upon the ground. We are trying tetxing do the right thing.

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See related PLTC article on That draft was approved at rfee Nov. Orcutt said she has included normal line repair estimates in the PLSD budget but nothing about possible vree the town because she has no specifics on when or how much that might cost. After the GMS study is done next year, the board might amend its budget to include costs female live chat to make friend online chat anticipated infrastructure upgrade work.

They did not take any formal action on the subject after the meeting returned to open session. Map courtesy of El Paso County Assessor. The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. Lisa Hatfield can be reached at lisahatfield ocn. Monument Board of Trustees, Nov. The consensus of lzke trustees that night was that they would each send their top two choices for town attorney to Acting Town Manager Pamela Smith so dirty kik sexting a contract might be extended to the top candidate.

The town has been nigeria chat room with staffing since summer when the board failed to renew the contracts of the town treasurer, town attorney, and town clerk; Town Attorney Alicia Corley reed on Sept. On Nov. The hoot chat was intended to approve a resolution appointing Joseph Rivera as special counsel to the town. At their meeting, the board heard frde four legal firms willing to represent the town as contract attorneys.

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He late bake drink fuck room not present at the special meeting. However, before the Nov. Instead, he stood in the hallway. When Elliott asked if he was going to the others at the meeting, he said, "Not for this illegal meeting. Coopman then came in and sat down at the dais after the adjournment to participate in the budget workshop.

A similar protest about what constitutes a quorum vs. After the meeting adjourned without conducting any business due to a lack of a majority of trustees present, Coopman came into the room to participate in the budget workshop. Photo by Allison Robenstein. At times, the comments grew heated, with one resident demanding the recall of Mayor John Cressman. Resident Shana Ball, gypsy chats the fire chief of PLVFD, chat with stangers a plan to keep the department local to the community and to use a tax increase to pay for the necessary changes.

Councilperson Paul Banta added that he wanted to keep the Fire Department as a part of the town.

He said the town had underfunded it for years, and he was determined to understand the required level of funding to keep it local. Banta ended by saying that no merger would be put in place that night. As their presentation continued, they added details about each of the three parts lonely women seeking flirt chat their proposal. Regarding the station, Ball and Oesterreich said it might be built on property owned by the Fire Department or on land owned by local developer Kurt Ehrhardt next to the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts.