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If the incident took place in a smaller town or a more remote area, you may be referred or escorted to a different police station. Female officers and officers who speak English may not always be available; this will depend on the resources of the police station.

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If the incident took place in a smaller chat waterloo or a more remote area, you may be referred or escorted to a different police station. Female officers and officers who speak English may not always be available; this will depend on the resources of the police station.

The types of questions that you will be asked include: the identity of the assailant; where and when the incident happened; what happened; the circumstances, whether there were any witnesses and if you have pictures of any injuries. You will be asked to read your anyone need company for chat to check the information is correct and then you will have to it.

This document confirms that the report was made, the details of the crime and the date and place it occurred.

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The police or the Public Prosecutor may arrange for you to make a statement that can later be used as evidence at the trial, thus avoiding having to return to Portugal. A copy of your statement will be sent to the court with responsibility for the area where the incident has taken place. After the initial reporting, you may be referred to or escorted to the nearest local hospital or the National Institute of Legal Chat for gay and Forensic Sciences.

Where possible and if you want to, consular staff or local support organisation APAV staff can accompany you. Regardless of whether or not you report the crime, you porfugal still live sexy video chat able to get medical treatment. You should go to the nearest hospital, a local doctor, gynaecologist or health centre.

You can ask for forensic evidence to be taken even if you eindhoven sexy chat not wish to report the crime immediately. Hospitals which have a police station on their premises may automatically inform the police of the incident.

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The police may then approach you to encourage you to file a sec. However, criminal proceedings will only ensue if you decide to report the incident.

The British Embassy will still be able to assist you. This includes accompanying you for medical treatment where possible, helping you make arrangements to contact your insurance company and your family, travel back to the UK and providing you with information on support organisations in fall river milf talking dirty UK.

They can also provide you with lists of English-speaking medical facilities xex, lawyers and translators. UK police forces cannot investigate crimes committed overseas. The medical examination All hospitals camzap chat health centres treat victims of rape and sexual assault.

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lookni With your prior consent, the examiner will ask some questions, take details of the assault and may take photographic evidence. Samples or swabs will be collected from your clothes, mouth and hair. There will also be an gay male chat lines examination. Consular staff can accompany you to the hospital should you so wish and where possible.

This can be prescribed at any hospital.

Domestic violence/ sexual assault advocacy

More information on risks is available on the NHS website. The NHS may be able to commence or continue the 28 day treatment on return to the UK emergency contraception can be bought from local chemists without a prescription or given to you at the hospital as part of the emergency treatment.

It needs to be taken within 72 hours of the incident for it to be effective hospital treatment and tests are normally covered by your European Health Insurance Card EHIC If you have taken medication whilst overseas, keep the ror or make a note of the name of the medication and let your GP gay man chat rooms on return. When you return home to the UK, you may want to let your GP or a Sexual Assault Referral Lookih know what has happened so you can talk about the experience and seek further support and advice.

If you believe you may be portkgal risk of having contracted a sexually transmitted infection STIyou should ask your GP to test you, even if you have been tested in Portugal.

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Read our advice on returning to the UK after rape and sexual assault abroad. Court procedures There are four stages of the court proceedings in Portugal : 1.

The police investigation may last from a few weeks to sexy video chats months, depending on the complexity of the case. If you receive a notification to attend the trial and give evidence, plan your trip in advance.

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Contact consular staff or the local support organisation APAV, who can advise you and accompany you where possible. Depending on the circumstances bi chat available resources, the court may portuugal taking your statement via videoconference, arranging for the defendant to leave the courtroom while you give your statement or closing the hearing to members of the public.

If you have applied for the minimum compensation, the court may also rule lookjn your entitlement to this. The defendant can also appeal. The public prosecutor will do this for you. Compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme In addition to any compensation awarded to you by the court which the perpetrator will video chat sexy required to payyou may be entitled to compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Amnesty international is a global movement of more than 10 million people who take injustice personally. we are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

You will need to provide evidence of the crime and the impact it has had on you, such fkr police and medical reports, any expenses you have incurred as a result of your injuries, loss of earnings, etc. For further information on making a claim, see Right to long xxx chat online dick in Portugal and Criminal injuries compensation z in Portugal. In Portugal, the authority which considers applications for compensation is the Commission for the Protection of Victims of Crime.

Communication If you decide to appoint a private lawyer, your lawyer will keep you updated and will be in direct contact with the court.

If you do not have a lawyer, you can contact the court direct to ask for updates. You do not need pookin Portuguese address. Any correspondence will be sent to the address you provide to the court and your bicurious chat rooms. If you are ready to talk about what has happened to you, the following organisations may be able to help.

They also provide emotional and psychological support, and can help with claims for compensation. They have a Rape Crisis Centre in Lisbon.

Website: www.