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Wedgie chat rooms

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Welcome to the Wedgie Buddies adult community.

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Find your wedgie russian women chat today using this free platform. Do get your panties in a bunch here at Wedgie Buddies! Please do NOT register more than once. If you do NOT receive a member activation after registering, check your spam folder first.

if you need help or run into any problems. Welcome Welcome to the Wedgie Buddies adult community.

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Since a lot of us obviously seemed to have come from roomz old site, I thought it would be nice to start fresh and free chat with hot girls ourselves again. I would certainly like to know everyone a bit better. I know some people like to be more private and discreet than others. So, no guidelines.

Premium wedgie straight

Just share whatever you're comfortable with. Ill start. My name is Derek.

I'm Been into wedgies for years, since my teen wergie probably. And have been pretty active with the WH boards on and off. I like giving and receiving. I'm openly gay.

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Pretty spiritual but not religious. And probably frequent the story sections the most but I'm going to try to latin chats active everywhere this time around. Nice to meet everybody! I'm the turtle, AKA Austin.

Wedgies have been an wedgje for a while, dont know how long exactly though. I've been through many forms of chat sites IE chatzy mainlyand found this through that.

Straight as a normal board, and religious but can take a joke without being insulted. I'm always down for a 1 on 1 rp in pms, but thats about it.

Eagle scout as of Almost 2 years ago. You want the turt? You pm the turt, or find me on discord, Turtle I am an 18yr old gay dude. I like to paint, study history, plants, and play some strategy games. I am an atheist, and I used to browse the story section for hour on end in Wedgie Haven.

Like Kiwioz chat mobile tho, ill try to broaden my interest in this site. So far it wecgie to be going well. I am did WH originally for meet up, but stayed for the stories. Jack Frost Guest.

I prefer not to give my real name, so you can call me Selfwedgie13 or just Self. I'm a 29 year old straight, brief-wearing college student and have been into wedgies since I was around 13 hence the 13 in my username.

I can't exactly remember what got me into wedgies, but I had read about them in a few books british vs american men in bed the years and decided to give myself one and found out I liked the feeling of my briefs lodged up my butt. Aside from wedgies, I also enjoy reading fantasy novels, playing retro video games, hiking, talking about geology using technical jargon that no one else understands my brother always has to remind me to dumb down my explanation so other people can understand what I'm talking aboutand writing fantasy stories.

I am also a Christian, but as weddgie as you let me keep my views I won't try to force my beliefs on you. Nice to meet everyone. Bacalaoist Member. I prefer not to give my real name, so you can call me Bacalaoist.

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Kids chat, movie reviews, celeb interviews and video games!

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